A custom, easy to install solution that adds functionality to your new & existing cabinets

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No more climbing to
reach the top shelves

Easy to glide
up and down

Storage space becomes
accessible to all

We make cabinets do amazing things

ReachTec brings a new level of accessibility and safety into the home or workplace.Easily mounted to most existing cabinet systems, ReachTec allows anyone to easily glide cabinets within easy reach. Our systems are simple to install for anyone with cabinet experience, and the mounting hardware is never visible, preserving the aesthetics of new and existing rooms.

Our systems are safe and tested in accordance with CSA standards.

Pocket Series

The Pocket Series is designed for shorter wall cabinet applications. The upper wall cabinet may be lowered to enable you to reach the upper shelf. The 9” height adjustment will lower the cabinet to a height above the standard wall plug. At the same time, you can reach the top shelf of your 30” tall cabinet.

Laundrette Series

The Laundrette series allows you to have two cabinets mounted above your washer and dryer and even have some open shelving in between. The system features a 9” height adjustment range and lowers the cabinet and shelf combination to a height that does not interfere with the plumbing and electrical for your equipment.

Organizer Series

The Organizer Series features an extended height range of 18” and is best suited for the taller cabinets (39” or more). Ideally, this series may be used in an environment where you have a minimum of 9-foot ceilings.

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