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The Power of Accessible Learning with ProLIFT

Brilliant ideas can launch with a few simple ingredients like a team, whiteboard, and marker in hand. Whether you’re mind-mapping your way around a problem in the classroom or the boardroom, learning needs to be accessible to breed the best results. That’s why having an easy and interactive solution like the ProLIFT can work in your favour. No matter if you’re a teacher trying to get through to your students or if you’re a project lead who wants to empower your team members, this tool can help you elevate your teaching and learning by accommodating a variety of digital boards, LCD screens, and projection systems. Let your imagination run wild by facilitating state-of-the-art office presentations, project pitches, and lesson plans that are more engaging and inspire deeper connection. Here are some ways ProLIFT can transform the way you do business and boost the productivity of your organization or students. Bring your presentations to life We’re living in a technology-rich time, so how we successfully consume information today relies heavily on a mix of audio and visual aids. With the help of ProLIFT’s mobile and fixed AV solutions, schools and businesses can communicate their ideas in a more accessible way to meet their learners’ needs. In the classroom, educators can teach course materials such as math, language, and other concepts to students by efficiently deploying lesson plans and exercises on ProLIFT directly on the wall or move them from room to room to create an enhanced learning experience. The ProLIFT accommodates your classroom’s needs, and its height can be electronically adjusted to meet your audience at eye level, whether it’s for little learners or business-driven teams in the workplace. When you’ve got important presentations to pitch, need to facilitate team training or creative brainstorming sessions, ProLIFT can help your business succeed. Its screens are optimized to handle big ideas on an even bigger display, weighing up to 225 lbs. Improve engagement levels and richer learning Whether you’re an administrator or project manager, no one has the time or patience to thumb through pages of a dense instruction manual. You just want to go through the least amount of steps to illustrate your presentation and carry the confidence that all goes well without a hitch. ProLIFT is purposefully designed to simplify your work and boost engagement. Its intuitive system makes it easy for anyone to operate it and brings motion and flexibility to learning. Team huddles can be more interactive by plugging into various devices and sharing ideas remotely or on-location. Teachers can also help foster an interactive learning environment by providing an extra layer of accessibility to meet their students’ needs. For instance, the ProLIFT can help level the playing field for non-verbal students by providing them with a visual platform to convey their thinking through objects such as clicking and dragging items on-screen, signalling emojis, thumbs-up symbols and questions marks. Foster deeper team and student collaboration Compatible with virtually every flat panel, interactive whiteboard, and short-throw projector, the ProLIFT, by its very nature, encourages teamwork. Whether it’s putting heads together between business professionals or students, a digital solution like this can allow you to solve problems faster, gain meaningful feedback, and improve your productivity and connection with others. Become more efficient in what you do and how those around you perceive information and retain knowledge. Transform how you learn and do business Upgrade your AV solution to put your audience’s needs first without adding more work to your plate. ProLIFT offers enhanced and inspiring learning experiences for business professionals in the workplace and administrators and teachers in the classroom. Get in touch with us today to order your custom-made solution.

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The Most Ergonomic Standing Desk in Town: FlexDesk

Are you hunching forward to read this? Sitting for long periods of time with poorly designed office furniture can really do a number on you. But it’s not just your posture that takes the hit, it’s your performance, too. The good news is these pains and strains are completely avoidable. The right kind of desk means fewer visits to the doctor and boosted performance for you and your entire team. You should be rewarded for your creativity, focus, and hard work – and FlexDesk does just that. It’s the ergonomic solution that puts your health first. When you’ve got clients to wow, deadlines to meet, and virtual meetings to attend, you’ll want to be on your A-game. Here are three ways FlexDesk can transform your health and boost your productivity so that you’re always on top of it. Promotes a healthier lifestyle As our society shifts towards more remote work, being desk-bound is just part of the package deal. The main cause for neck and lower back pain for office workers is improper posture at desks and chairs that just don’t serve the body well. If you’re lucky, you can manage to get in a few good hours of uninterrupted work before your neck, back, and shoulders start acting up. But switching to a standing desk nips these problems in the bud and can improve your health and wellness from the get-go. Studies prove that switching between sitting and standing at your desk increases blood flow to the brain, decreases muscle and joint pain, and boosts your concentration levels, which does your company several favours. For the amount of time we spend at our desks (an average of 1,700 hours per year!), we may as well make it comfortable. FlexDesk reduces the total strain on your body by allowing you to adjust your position seamlessly between sitting and standing. Change up your position throughout the day according to your desired height, and get the inspiration pumping. Fosters sharper focus and team collaboration When you experience lower back pain, it’s hard to focus on anything else. The time lost to distractions can cause you to fall behind on your workload, miss deadlines, or diminish the quality of your projects. With FlexDesk’s wide work surface, there’s plenty of space to get creative and get in the zone. The fewer distractions, the closer you are to achieving your best work. Besides suiting a home office or individual workspace, FlexDesk makes a smart option for larger desk suites and boardroom tables, encouraging team collaboration. Plus, if you’re not one for the hassle of building a workplace from scratch, FlexDesk can be applied to existing workstations to simplify your life. Increases accessibility One size hardly fits all. Your unique height and preferences should be considered in your workspace, and who better to call the shots than you? With just the touch of a button or a manual rotation with a crank, FlexDesk offers you total control to customize your desk position as you see fit. Not to mention, the high-quality, modern design complements any home or office space, and doesn’t clash with your decor. Can’t put a price tag on good health When it comes to your health and wellness, don’t settle for a desk that doesn’t give you the ultimate comfort and support that you deserve. FlexDesk transforms any workstation from sitting to standing in seconds and is kind to the spine, neck, arms, and legs. Get in touch with us today to order your made-to-fit solution.

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