A desk solution that adjusts to your working style, giving you an option to stand and de-stress while increasing your productivity

Improve health
and wellness

Increase efficiency
and productivity


Work, create and learn better with FlexDesk

The FlexDesk allows you to easily switch between a sitting and standing desk, thus reducing the strain on your neck, shoulder and spine. As well, studies have shown that switching between sitting and standing at your desk can help improve your productivity, concentration, and efficiency, with increased blood flow to the brain.

Our FlexDesk series is fully customizable to your needs and space. We can create anything from a small personal workstation to large interactive boardroom tables with our system. With the ability to adjust your desk with the touch of a button, your workspace can be transformed, and trust us, your back will thank you.

Explore FlexDesk possibilities

Customizable options to suit your needs

Electric or crank (manual) adjusted

High quality clear anodized (silver look) or black frame finish

Programmable switch with position readout and user-defined memory settings

Adjustment range of up to 26.5" (with our E-Series)

Wide selection of work surface finishes

Boardroom table features multiple adjustable place settings

Adjusted with a low profile up/down switch at a rate of 1.5" per second

FlexDesk technology can be applied to existing workstations

For home, office, medical and light industrial uses

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